Terms & Conditions

( a ) You can reserve a car at a short notice over the phone but it is subject to availability.
( b ) All reservations confirmed via email are guaranteed pick-up. However we cannot guarantee you the availability when you call with a short-time notice.
( c ) All vehicles are non-smoking.
( d ) Vehicles cannot be loaded beyond the seating capacity. For example, in Sedan (Prius, Camry, MKZ, Fusion) 4 passengers (Max 3 adults), only 2 pieces of standard luggage plus a hand carry bag will be allowed. Please ask for a VAN or SUV if you have a lots of luggage. Please note that trunk space in Hybrid cars is less than that of regular cars.
( e ) Child restraint seats will be provided upon request. Please let the operator know when you make a reservation.
( f ) Tax, tolls & gratuities are not included in the basic fare and will be added to the standard cost. Standard gratuity is 20% of standard cost. Parking will be charged if applicable. Prices are subject to change without notice.
( g ) No-shows will be billed at a full price.
( h ) Customer safety is our first priority, therefore, we cannot guarantee the vehicle when there is more than 3 inches of snow or when the road conditions are dangerous.
Holiday Surcharges:
Holiday surcharge will be charged to all trips occurring on:
New Year’s Day . Memorial Day . Labor Day . Christmas Day . Fourth Of July . Thanksgiving.
Meeting your Chauffeur at the Airport:
Look for sign with your name on it.
Domestic Flights:
Meet Chauffeur at the assigned baggage claim area.
International Flights: Meet Chauffeur at the exit of customs. If you do not see our Chauffeur, do not leave your location. Just call our # 24 hours a day at 1-973-335-3333.
Reservations: We recommend to our clients to reserve a car ahead of time to be guaranteed a car at the time of pick-up. GoGreenCar will honor any reservation after confirmation via phone.

Low-Emissions Vehicles

GoGreenCar makes every effort to provide You with a low-emissions vehicle. However, if a low-emissions vehicle is not available for Your Trip for whatever reason, GoGreenCar will cause a conventional car to be provided through an affiliated company.


You must notify us in advance if You are travelling with a pet. If You do not provide this notice, the driver may refuse to transport the pet, and You may be liable for cancellation charges as set forth above. All animals must be leashed or enclosed in an appropriate carrier when in a GoGreenCar. Animals over 25 pounds, with the exception of service animals, can only be transported in an SUV.

Loss and Damage

GoGreenCar is not responsible for items left behind or damaged in a car. If you believe you may have left property in a car, please contact us by email at info@gogreencar.co or phone at (973)335-3333. We will search for the item and respond as promptly as possible. GoGreenCar retains all items found for 30 days. If You are unable to retrieve a lost item from GoGreenCar, we may charge You based on our rates to return the item to You.


GoGreenCar is not responsible for delays, Service interruptions or damages caused by acts of God, strikes, riots, authorities of law, public enemies, hazards or dangers caused by a state of war, quarantine, perils of navigation, inclement weather, hazardous road conditions, accidents or breakdowns or any other condition beyond GoGreenCar’s reasonable control.

Cancellation Policy:

1. All orders cancelled within 6 hours of pick up time will be charged full fare plus 7% NJ sales tax.
2. The above will NOT apply in case of cancelled flights, customers are requested to inform GoGreenCar promptly regarding cancelled or taking alternate flights.