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Why Go Green Car

GoGreenCar was founded solely on the basis of keeping the environment clean and at the same time saving money for our customers. Our motto “Save money and save the planet” says it all.

By using ultra fuel economic hybrid cars we are able to offer our customers an extremely economic way to travel yet not contributing to the demise of the environment.  We welcome you to call us for your next trip and experience an economical and stylish way to travel.

Our Low Emission Mission

The times they are a changing. It’s no longer about big cars, big jobs, or big egos. It’s about walking softly on this earth, working smarter, and spending time, money and resources more wisely. GoGreenCar is New Jersey’s first, finest and largest eco-friendly car service. We’re on a low-emission mission to make the mean streets of New Jersey City kinder, gentler, greener – and to get you to your meeting on time. We call it traveling light. You’ll call it myGoGreenCar.

Be Street Smarter

GoGreenCar is the largest fleet of low-emission vehicles in the New Jersey metropolitan area. We’re the real deal – forget the greenwash, we’re all hybrid, all the time. Our Prius, Toyota Camry and Lincoln MKZ clean machines use 70% less fuel than conventional Lincoln Towncars and emit 90% fewer carbon forming emissions. Chic, curvy and cool, they whisper eco, not ego, status, not status quo. Clever technologies, simple luxuries – and 90% less hot air.


Eco won’t cost you more. GoGreencar competes dollar for dollar with other premium executive car services in the New Jersey City area. And when you calculate the environmental savings, we’re even more of a bargain.